Greetings Riva Enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Riva Club USA (RCUSA).

Riva Club USA was founded in 2001 by a group of current Riva owners who were enthusiastic about the growing numbers of Riva boats in the U.S. Our membership has been growing steadily since.

The goal of both Riva Club USA and The Riva Historical Society (RHS) is to promote friendship and support to owners and friends in the appreciation of these fine Italian boats.  The preservation of the cultural and technical heritage of Riva boats through restoration, research and collection is central to our operation and interaction.

Riva Club USA is organized as a non-profit 501 (c) 7, social association, and is an affiliate club and member of the Riva Historical Society (RHS), located in Milan, Italy. Many ofthe current members of Riva Club USA have attended RHS events with fellow Riva Club (international) members on several occasions in the Lake District of Northern Italy, Venice, Germany and Monte Carlo.

The focus of all RHS events is the enjoyment of our boats and creating enthusiasm and excitement for all involved wherever you may hail from. Riva Club USA will strive to continue this tradition in our own ways in the U.S. and foster international participation for years to come.

Riva Historical Society

The Riva Historical Society (RHS) was founded in 1998 in Milan, Italy by Piero Gibellini and fellow Riva owners, including Carlo Riva, who is our Honorary President.

RHS reorganized in 2001 into a federation, whereby its members are actually affiliate clubs located in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

RHS is prohibited from accepting members who are individuals or corporations. Rather, individuals and corporations join regional clubs, through which they may participate in RHS and regional club activities.

There are more than 750 individuals who are members of affiliate clubs worldwide, which is a significant accomplishment considering the short time RHS has been in existence, as well as the geographical and cultural differences involved.